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Lisa Gansky

For Lisa Gansky, her love of hockey inspired her passion for photography. As a teenager, she began shooting at Los Angeles Kings games at the Great Western Forum for her high school photography course. Her spot-on eye for detail and gift for capturing each player's style impressed her photography teacher so much that he awarded her first place in the end-of-the-year gallery exhibition for her photo featuring Pavel Bure of the Vancouver Canucks.

Lisa's move to the East Coast in 2008, combined with her love of music, led to a natural evolution into concert photography. Combining the thrill of live music with the added challenge of shooting in low-light conditions and the raw emotion results in Lisa being able to capturing performers in their element, as if they are the only ones in the room practicing their craft.


Lisa's work has been featured in various publications, including Triple Overtime by Stephen Cole, TruTVForbesFoxNBC, TimeOut New York and TSN.

Lisa currently resides in Manhattan, where she can be found wherever there is gourmet coffee and great music.