ZENbands at Madison Square Park

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for a really cool product, ZENbands, created by Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH. They are super-cool cotton headbands, complete with headphones inside.

After chatting with Erin, we decided Madison Square Park would be the ideal location. We wanted somewhere with lots of greenery, with a zen, relaxing vibe in the middle of the city. Erin reached out to some models, and we arranged to meet at 10:30am. 

It was a sunny late September morning, but with all the shade in the park, I opted to bring my flash along, for fill light. I mostly stuck with my 24-70mm lens. We also had the company of Erin's lovable dog Barnaby. This gave me a few really great candid photo opps  (Barnaby is such a ham).

The models Erin chose were superb, really easy to work with. Erin sent them links in advance, so they all had really good idea of the product. I did a lot of shots with them closing their eyes, "zenning out" so to speak.

Here are a few favorites:

You can order ZENbands via Blooming Wellness and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.