ZENbands at Madison Square Park

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for a really cool product, ZENbands, created by Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH. They are super-cool cotton headbands, complete with headphones inside.

After chatting with Erin, we decided Madison Square Park would be the ideal location. We wanted somewhere with lots of greenery, with a zen, relaxing vibe in the middle of the city. Erin reached out to some models, and we arranged to meet at 10:30am. 

It was a sunny late September morning, but with all the shade in the park, I opted to bring my flash along, for fill light. I mostly stuck with my 24-70mm lens. We also had the company of Erin's lovable dog Barnaby. This gave me a few really great candid photo opps  (Barnaby is such a ham).

The models Erin chose were superb, really easy to work with. Erin sent them links in advance, so they all had really good idea of the product. I did a lot of shots with them closing their eyes, "zenning out" so to speak.

Here are a few favorites:

You can order ZENbands via Blooming Wellness and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.

Professional Bull Riders’ Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden

I used to ride horses and watch rodeos on TV years ago (yes, like any typical young girl, I loved horses and anything to do with them--rodeos included!)... I even had the opportunity to attend a rodeo at The Great Western Forum in Los Angeles once! But I never thought I'd have the chance to be so close... I got to take photos for NYC Country Music at Madison Square Garden for The Professional Bull Riders’ Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden. And what an amazing opportunity it was!

My favorite captured moment has to be the final one, when Matt Triplett kneeled after a good ride, and said a prayer. It was also amazing getting to shoot fright from above the shoot for a few minutes. 

Blake Shelton Record Release @ iHeartRadio

Had a fantastic time at Blake Shelton's album release party at iHeartRadio Theater in NYC! Here are a few favorites.

Red Carpet at Fashion Rocks Live

Had a great time at Fashion Rocks Live on the Red Carpet, shooting for NYC Country Music. Met a few nice photographers, and I got to see  some really cool celebrities up close, wearing some extravagant outfits. Here are a few of my favorite photos!

Some people have asked me what to expect at an event like this. Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • Expect to be waiting around for a while.
  • Know who you're going to want to get shots of, and prepare in advance (when I yelled to Luke Bryan that I loved country music, I got a particularly AWESOME pose!).
  • Bring water and perhaps even a snack; water is especially important, because your voice can grow hoarse trying to attract people to look at your direction for good shots. You might even bring a couple Riccola throat drops to have handy in your pocket.
  • Bring a step ladder in case you're in the second or third row.
  • Make sure to take a break when you have the opportunity; gaps are pretty few and far between.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This is a must; there may not be space to sit down!

You can see the full gallery here. Please contact me directly for any licensing inquiries.

Brad Paisley at iHeartRadio Theater NYC

Another awesome opportunity came up last week, when I was invited to shoot Brad Paisley's exclusive album release party at the iHeartRadio Theater for NYC Country Music. Before I get to that, I just want to take a moment to rave about the theater. It's sponsored by PC Richard & Son, and it blew my mind what a great set up it is. Amazing sound and lighting for such a small venue (200 capacity). 

Brad is in a word, hilarious. He cracked a lot of jokes and joked with and poked fun at iHeartRadio personality Bobby Bones. He interacted with the audience and even chatted with a fan over the phone (one of the audience members had a Skype session going).

He played some new songs that were broadcast live, and played a few more favorites just for those in attendance. All in all a great night.

You can see the full album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gansky/sets/72157646564862767/